Complex Stress and Anxiety can be the cause of  mental and addiction healthcare problems. Holistic treatment methodologies that promote optimal  health, calmness and relaxation can  help reduce stress can be a very effective  preventative ways to  treat illness.

I recommend   the 432 series at

Soul Medicine founder 432 LOVE

Soul Medicine’s 432 Love Tracks help me to bypass the minds habit of clinging on to fear.

Instead, it allows us to access the heart’s energy of love, that pure, eternal and undiluted essence of our being. This gives us a greater chance to approach life without getting caught up in the distracting and unnecessary.

Two of the tracks (Being Loved and Being Lifted) focus on the Sanskrit sound ‘ma’ the healing syllable known as the Hridyaya. This is a very pure and sacred sound that awakens qualities of love, such as patience, kindness, truth, healing, sweetness, forgiveness and vulnerability.

All of these tracks have been created to promote greater love in your life.

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