Elizabeth Hearn, HP/NCH. SMAPPH

Who is your enemy? Mind is your enemy. No one can harm you more than a mind untrained. Who is your friend? Mind is your friend. Nothing can help you more that a trained mind, not even your loving parents. —Buddha

In recovery I have come to understand that forcing an outcome, only encounters resistance, disappointment and often suffering.

It often feels like I am pushing to no avail. When I surrender, I am letting go of the need to control an outcome…everybody and everything around me.

The need for control comes from fear; the fear of an inability to handle what I am are not ready or prepared for. There is a natural rhythm in the flow of life, and when I find it, life happens effortlessly…

Only then I fully understand the potency of projection my reality onto others…is the absence trusting in a power greater than ourselves.