Elizabeth Hearn is the founder of London-based  Social Change and Global Health.   An addiction professional with over 27 years of clinical experience, with a specific  focus on prevention, raising awareness, and inspiring individual’s, and families  personal recovery.

Elizabeth  was born in the UK and is  a longterm addiction professional  whose previous career in fashion, film and broadcasting spanned four continents.

An advocate for social change,  her clinical approach emphasizes the importance of autonomy, resilience and  purpose.

She  “holds the space” all the while encouraging clients  to revisit early childhood  life experiences manifesting as adult  mental and physical health issues in the safety, permission  and potency of the present moment.

Healing  is a process. Anxiety,  stress, depression  and trauma manifest as  disconnection  from self and others that  causes  a variety  of emotional disorders. 

Social Change and global health’s  biopsychosocial  method,  is  deep process therapy that  reveal unconscious dynamics, patterns and themes  to promote thriving and transformation.