When you asked me thirty one years ago: “What do I want to achieve in sobriety?”…..I replied “I want to be free…. from obsessively overthinking everything….”

On the 12th October I celebrated 31 years of continuing addiction recovery.

I am free.

Acceptance of what is….non-judgement, compassion and loads of now too just be present….for daily walks and talks in the local park with my husband, and our gorgeous son whenever he visits, drinking my greens, present moment pranayama, all the while consciously living consciously.

My service commitment to the global recovery movement is to continue to maintain the momentum of person-centred addiction healthcare clinics within A&E -NHS settings.

Addiction clinics where clinicians and lived experience volunteers work together to save lives. Addiction is a public health emergency.

Initially I leaned about the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1989 from my then psychotherapist, it was their addiction criteria and addiction medicine research that change the course of my recovery….I no longer felt as though addiction was a socially stigmatised “sickness” instead it was a brain disorder…which made perfect sense based upon my generational knowledge of addiction….

This prompted me to introduce into Scotland in 2019, the ASAM “Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine Trainings” so that frontline healthcare professionals, and first responders, know how best to manage people in active addiction.

Safe prescribing is essential…as is can confidently prescribing and supervise medically assisted detox programmes, inpatient addiction primary care programmes, intensive outpatient programmes all the while knowing their individual process is fully supported.

Recovery is an individual process that can be sustained by the support of the global recovery movement.

You are not alone.

Ask for help.