Personal Recovery: start where you are…

Personal recovery begins with subtle, small and or big changes in how to live consciously, connected and in community.

Keeping it simple is the mantra for people new to recovery. I am a person in longterm recovery – over 30 years….and taking a person new to recovery is truly a process.

Be still.Learn to love the hurt until it becomes love.

Stress causes shallow breathing….opening up the diaphragm straightens the back, relaxes the shoulders and triggers a cascade of energy from head to toe…the benefits of a micro body scan are noticeable in the present moment…oxygen is essential for the optimal health/the bodies building blocks….

Relational impasses can shift when you express your needs, without the expectation that the other person will agree, help you or take care of you….quell disappointing…but hey ho…learn this lesson now and you will end your suffering….

Holding onto resentments creates suffering…toxic energy blocks within the body….and depression…I suggest saying goodbye to fear and hello to courage.

When the body says no is expressed it reinforces self-denial of being well, happy and free from the bondage of self obsession…and is void of self-care.

My brains’s hardwiring does the firing. Codependency – same relationships problems, different day…is defined as being in a rut and decorating…no-one to feels like a victim…

24/7 cycles of expectations and resentments….wishful/woeful thinking” they will change. next time will be different…maybe if I try harder….maybe if I love them more…maybe baby …will never happen…the illusion is that we think we change another person’s behaviour….the reality is that I can choose to change mine…

Life in the the blame game” passively aggressive disempowering dynamics gets smaller and smaller, we lose our voice, our narrative occurs in our head and not in reality…rumination perpetuates procrastination…

If I am tired, hungry, angry, lonely, or vulnerable I need to return to the moment, self care with boundaries…not a barricade and take an action to halt the negativity ..I choose to switch to a YES breathing….Pausing….and stating to myself: “What I need in this moment….to restore feeling safe, potent, powerful and present?”

My 5am mantra: Gratitude @ waking up….prompts an out of bed and into a morning meditation and yoga ritual… fabulous for easing into the day with a positive, fluid intention: to be my best…

Today, it was warm and I went into my garden for a walking meditation, totally felt sense immersive connection to all this… dewy, damp earth beneath my feet – thousands of nerve endings gently stimulated into love and life…life at its best…

Self-care is essential to wellbeing. However you want or need to begin the day, believe this: you can heal your life…in the present moment: breathing in hope, deep belly breaths that internally massage on a cellular level any issues with the tissues!

May you be well, happy and enjoying the present moment. Metta.

How do love? How can we reclaim our sense of innocent childhood joy? We incarnate as the intent archetype…dependent upon our caregivers love us unconditionally may not be your childhood memory…it is never to late to have a hepper childhood….if you revisit painful memories visualise connecting to you younger self with love, compassion and forgiveness….have a little chat this younger version of you…let them know that you are there for them…you will not abandon them with an addiction to disconnection…you will be their shadow…you have their back…you love them…the power of positive biofeedback is in how this changes the life script…from being lonely to being part of a wider recovery community…you are not alone!

“Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”
Margery Williams Bianco – The Velveteen Rabbit

Be prepared for life to be perfectly imperfect! Love is unbounded….the one making it conditional is you…return to that time in your life when everything made sense, and move on……your higher self wants to love you back to wellness.