Addiction is in my  DNA.  I am on  mission to put the “care” back in healthcare, to raise awareness,  and  inspire mental and addiction healthcare multidisciplinary practitioners   to participate in the transformation of consciousness that is revolutionising the world with acts of connection, collaboration, compassion, and community.

“Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is coloured by such impressions.” Marcus Aurelius


This too shall pass….is not a something the  obsessive, compulsive thinker who  lives in a state of apparent separateness, in an insanely complex world of continuous problems and conflict, a world that reflects the ever-increasing fragmentation of the mind is capable of trusting in…

If you are enlightened   you won’t be easily discouraged when you fail. If you find something to be grateful for in every situation, you will feel blessed and happy where others feel aggrieved or deprived.

Believing you are enough,  have enough, is consciously living consciously. Which does not mean “everything is automatically beautiful”  but that one has choices to change…in the moment. The power of now just is…love just is…thriving just is…overthinking, oversharing, is being over bearing!

I love silence, I seek peace from the  aggressive self aggrandising social media world of “insta fix/opinions/advice/judgements”  paradoxically my world is magnificently messy, perfectly imperfect…gorgeously generous, amazingly abundant and illuminated by love.