I am safe.

Elizabeth Hearn
Registration no: 0615

Fear. Many of us will identify with having past, present and future-based anxiety about living and dying. Often traced back to adverse childhood experiences when either or both parents were emotionally absent.

Children from the moment they take their first breath will feel loved, nurtured and safe when they are lovingly held….it is this skin-to-skin warmth that creates a continuum of compassionate care…

So, by the time we are 7 we have heard thousands of hours of parental conversations…the forms the foundation of our self talk…which can dominate a person’s thinking…training the mind into a meditative state calmness will ensure peace of mind…I use a script in a hypnotherapy session that builds upon sustainable self empowerment.

So that when a repeated negative thought arises, one of worry and anxiety, of self-criticism or depression, I recommend, first study it. When does it arise? How often? What is its tone of voice? Does it appear as words or have images too? What story does it want you to believe? How painful is it to hear it over and over? Now that you see it clearly, you can say to the thought, “Thank you for trying to protect me.”
Then choose a suitable replacement such as:
“I am a compassionate person, I care for people.”
“I care for myself.”
“May I be safe and protected.”
“I will live with a peaceful heart.”
“A day at a time.”
“I will live with trust and kindness.”

We can remove unhealthy thought patterns such as self-judgment, worry and anxiety by thought substitution.

What is required is the selection of a helpful substitute and repeated practice. Repetition is key. Repetition, compassion, and the belief that the painful cycles of thought can be transformed all have a part in developing new patterns of thought.