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Consciously living consciously in recovery is more than possible, it can be a daily actualising process of positive traits…however it can be not be enough to ensure being happy in the most basic and most ordinary of ways if I let my mind drift into the frequency of addictive, hardwired behaviours: non-acceptance, procrastination, perfectionism, power-struggles, comparisons, and or the ego wanting more…attention, and wanting instant gratification.

In undertaking a life in recovery, what matters is simple: We must make certain that our path is connected 24/7 with our mind, body and soul. My relationship with myself sets the tone of all my relationships…

Spiritual life embodies the “coming close..going away” stages of intimacy…there are times when I need to be detach in the immediacy of daily life and retreat… into the calm…that depending upon the season, and time of day is eatery the garden, fully shaded, underneath the laurels or to the bedroom…fortunately my family support this by affirming how calm I am when I reappear!

I adore the quietude that defines my long term recovery…
self reflective “question-time” are my favourite… “Am I following a path with heart that regards the values I have chosen to live by?”

“Where do I need to put my intention and attention?” When I am still and listen deeply, even for a moment, I know if I am following a path with heart.

The things that matter most in my lives are fabulously simple… They are the tender moments I treasure… simple and profound intimacy is the love that I longed for prior to personal recovery.

Mother Teresa put it like this: “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

I continue to have the privilege of being in community with the global recovery community whose collective intention is to do their best to consciously live consciously….LOVE. SERVE. REMEMBER.

I remember to remember by asking myself “Am I openhearted?” “Am I living fully? ” “Am I being the best version of me?” “Am I accepting?” “Am I trusting the process that is letting go?”

Simple, leaning into the deepness questions go to the very heart of living the spiritual life. When I consider loving well and living fully, I can see the triggers that hijack my serenity i.e an attachment to a person, place or thing that doe not love me back…is a red flag to self care…

I want to be able to so say on whatever day is the end of my life, “Yes, I have lived my path with heart.”