β€œTo be a more successful country we need to see an overall improvement in our population health, and we need to close the gap between the health of our wealthiest communities and the health of our poorest.

Only through an effective partnership can we make the best use of our collective resources and work together to tackle our most difficult challenges – making a real difference to the prosperity and wellbeing of our communities.”
Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP
First Minister of Scotland

Universal Addiction Healthcare is a longterm recovery legacy programme, founded in January, 2019 by myself and Mike Delaney to create within UK & Europe public healthcare services: 24/7 Addiction A+E clinics. Holistic primary inpatient healthcare clinics, and continuing care-outpatient programmes.

An interdisciplinary holistic approach, facilitated by trained in the fundamentals of addiction medicine healthcare professional and like-minded volunteers from recovery communities.

The addiction medicine trainings ensures people in need of addiction healthcare have access to all levels of treatment. From crisis to calm: medically supervised detoxes, nutrition, stress-management somatic therapies: breath-work, yoga, tai-chi, Ayurveda & TCM medicines, homeopathic and allopathic complimentary supplements, and when it is needed prescribed medication to create a continuum of care (stabilising the stages of addiction recovery) mind, body and soul.

Universal Addiction Healthcare’s continuum of compassionate care safeguard a person’s vulnerability to stress-related relapse – with mindfulness stress management techniques to reduce anxiety and mood swings.

Compassion. Community. Connection.

The first clinics are scheduled to open in Edinburgh and Glasgow in the Autumn, 2019. For too long people in need of specific universal addiction and mental healthcare are continuously prescribed the wrong medication to help them in their recovery from active addiction.

Few doctors understand the addictive component to medication. And that medication needs to be monitored for side effects.

Compassion. Community. Connection.