ADDICTION TREATMENT: A person centred approach to recovery.


Addiction Healthcare initiatives can expand, evolve and be accessible to vulnerable people into a safe haven where clinicians and people with lived experience (longterm addiction recovery) work side each other in specially appointed addition and mental healthcare crisis clinics, in an A&E setting.

Addiction is a complex biopsychosocial health disorder. A constellation that warrants a continuum of care. Addiction clinician’s training can provide compassionate understanding of factors contributing to complex addiction.

Medically assisted primary treatment has failed to factor in the problems an opioid addicted patient presents with. We are endeavouring to change that by creating addiction healthcare treatment protocols is implementing an individualised therapeutic plan that uniquely suits the patient.

Addiction healthcare is a holistic healing approach, that engages the patient, their family, and involving community, in a collective healing process that begins with offering the patient a choice: medically assisted detoxing, impatient addiction primary care, with a continuum of care follow up upon discharge, into a sustainably supportive lived experience community.